Welded Helical Serrated

   Welding Process: GMAW

   Materials: Any arc weldable combination.

   Dimensional Ranges:

      Tube / Pipe OD: 1" to 12-3/4"

      Tube / Pipe Length: 6" to 720" (60 Ft.)

      Fin Height: 1/2" to 1-1/4"

      Fin Segment Width: 5/32" or 5/16"

      Fin Thickness: 0.035" to 0.065"

      Fin Pitch: 1 to 6 Fins per Inch

Services: Virtually unlimited.  Ideal for high pressure and high temperature applications.

Production: Continuous serrated fin strip is helically wrapped on edge, held under high tension and confined laterally, while being continuously welded to the tube or pipe. This provides forceful mechanical contact for efficient conductive heat transfer.